Air Mini+

For small rooms up to 250 sq ft

Air Pro

For spaces up to 1000 sq ft

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Clean air, year round.

Air Purifiers

Air Mini+ air purifier sitting on a bench next to an Air Pro air purifier

Air purifiers for any sized space

For powerful yet elegant protection, find the perfect purifier to fit into your life.

Air Pro

Air Pro

For spaces up to
1000 sq ft
Air Pro

Air Mini+

For spaces up to
250 sq ft
PECO-HEPA Tri-Power filter with carbon
Chemical sensor
Relative humidity sensor*
CO2 sensor*
PM 1 sensor
PM 2.5 sensor
PM 10 sensor
Auto Protect mode
Automatic filter notification
FSA reimbursement available
Indoor air quality reporting (purifier & mobile app)
*Air Pro senses but does not destroy CO2 or RH

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