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Molekule air purifiers use PECO technology to destroy pet
dander, dust mites, and other airborne allergens that cause
sneezing, wheezing, and itchy, red eyes.

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PECO destroys what HEPA leaves behind.

In a preclinical study published in Nature, researchers found that mice exposed to cat dander developed fewer immune cells linked with an allergic response when their air was purified with PECO compared to HEPA. Molekule purifiers use a combination of PECO and HEPA for our most advanced air purification yet.

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Pets get allergies, too.

You’re not the only one to experience sniffly, stuffy, itchy, sneezy symptoms—cats and dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans. In this article, we explore different triggers our pets can react to.

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Does your home pass the smell test?

Molekule purifiers are equipped with two odor-eating filters: a PECO filter that destroys odorous VOCs and a carbon filter to further help neutralize gasses and odors caused by pets.

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for you and your furry friends.

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