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For small rooms up to 250 sq ft

Air Pro

For spaces up to 1000 sq ft

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Clean air, year round.

Help protect your business with the science of clean air.

Pūrgo: Clinical-grade protection
for hospitals and businesses.

Air Pro: For large spaces like
open-concept offices and large rooms.

Mini+: For small spaces like
bedrooms and home offices.

Small chamber & swatch lab tests

Molekule air purifiers use PECO technology to destroy the widest range of pollutants compared to traditional purifiers—including SARS-CoV-2.

In fact, PECO destroys viruses & chemicals smaller than the particles that the HEPA standard tests for. So destroy pollutants with proven, breakthrough science.

Helping businesses breathe a sigh of relief

From offices to hospitality, retail to medical, join the growing list of businesses that
use Molekule air purifiers to help protect every breath you, and your customers, take.

Success stories

Molekule Air Mini+: Auto Protect mode, particle sensing

Proven to capture & destroy Covid-19 virus. Designed for spaces & offices up to 250 sq. ft., Air Mini+ has a built-in particle sensor that detects PM2.5 and lets you know your room’s air particle level. Auto Protect mode adjusts airflow to deal with dirty air when you need it most. Learn more.

Molekule Air Pro: Detect & destroy indoor air pollutants

Molekule’s professional-grade purifier, Air Pro is ideal for expansive, high-traffic environments. Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of our award-winning consumer devices, with the same proven PECO technology. The latest update gives you a snapshot of your indoor air with an Air Score of detected chemicals & particles, tracks changes to your Air Score and six individual air quality factors from morning until night, and enables Auto Protect modes to respond to VOCs.

“After thorough evaluation with our medical team and equipment personnel, as well as conducting a prior pilot study, we are excited to be amongst the first hospitals in the US to utilize Molekule’s PECO technology in our facilities.”

— Javon Bea, President & CEO of Mercyhealth, advisor to Molekule

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