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An important message to our customers:

Mokekule Authorized Seller & Warranty Statement

Molekule is firmly committed to providing our customers with best-in-class, reliable air purification products and filters through trusted, authorized stockists, distributors and resellers (collectively, “Authorized Sellers”). Our policy is to honor product warranties and to perform services only on products purchased directly from Molekule or an Authorized Seller, and only accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase. If you purchase a Molekule product from an unauthorized air purifier dealer or if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or altered, your Molekule warranty will not be valid.

If you return an item to Molekule for replacement, and that item is verified as either counterfeit or a product not manufactured by Molekule, we will notify you via email or phone with instructions for retrieving your item. From the time of receiving this notice, you will have a maximum of 3 business days to request that the item be shipped back to you at your cost, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Shipments are sent via FedEx only.

There are a number of websites and dealers who claim to be Molekule Authorized Sellers but are not. Imitation air purifiers and filters sold on these unauthorized websites or by these unauthorized dealers do not carry a warranty from Molekule, nor are imitation filters guaranteed to be compatible with Molekule purifiers or produce clean air through the PECO oxidation process. Molekule PECO-Filters feature a patented, proprietary catalytic media exclusive to Molekule that is not found on imitation PECO-Filters. Because of the critical nature of this catalytic media in the Molekule PECO process, our air purifiers will only operate as intended if the devices detect the presence of official Molekule PECO-Filters. On the other hand, unauthorized, imitation filters could contain material that is incompatible with the lighting mechanism in Molekule’s PECO process, which could cause the material to break down in the presence of UV-A light and off-gas or add unknown, potentially harmful particles to your air. [In addition, if use of an imitation filter were to damage your genuine Molekule air purifier, that damage may not be covered under your Molekule warranty.]

When you purchase products from an unauthorized website or dealer, you assume risks since these products may be counterfeit, used, defective, or may not be designed for use in your country. Please protect yourself and your Molekule product by ensuring that you only purchase Molekule products from Molekule or one of our Authorized Sellers.

If you discover that you’ve purchased a counterfeit product with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. Molekule will provide you with an email or letter identifying your product as a counterfeit to assist you in this.

For warranty service, please contact our Customer Support and we will guide you through the warranty service process.

For more details on Molekule’s product warranty, please see full terms here.

Last Updated: April 25th, 2023

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