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Close up of mold

Mold infestations can aggravate asthma, fungal allergies, and irritate the skin. Learn how to recognize, address, and prevent dangerous mold fungus in your home.

Condensation on a window with mold on the sill

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

Fungi and mold are everywhere. BUT, that doesn’t mean mold contamination needs to be tolerated. Does something smell…musty? Do you see something kind of gross and unidentifiable spreading its way along your bathroom wall? Is there everlasting dampness and moistness (ew) in unventilated rooms? Sounds like you might have mold. Don’t fret: It’s all fixable.

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How can I keep my air fresh in a home with mold?

Molekule air purifiers’ PECO technology is especially powerful at destroying mold particles. Unlike some filters that simply trap particles, PECO technology utilizes a light-activated catalytic reaction to destroy mold particles in the air. This ensures there are fewer conditions for mold growth and that mold does not start growing on the air purifier itself (which can happen, sadly, with certain types of purifiers).

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Molekule Air Pro air purifier on the floor next to dining room table
Mold spores under a microscope

Can I tackle this at home on my own?

Absolutely. The EPA suggests that if your mold problem covers ten square feet or less, it’s best to just knock it out on your own. Cleaning building mold requires a careful analysis of facts about the mold — its makeup, the surface on which it is growing, and the ventilation of the space. While cleaning, mold spores can be swept into the air when you remove mold at home so ventilation & air purification is vital.

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When do I know if I need to call a professional?

Before you start obsessing over potential mold fungi in your life, take a deep breath (but not too deep if you’re around mold!). There are distinct use cases for when you might need to engage a professional for mold remediation tips and treatment. Instances include when you’re buying a new home, taking over a previously vacant home, after experiencing significant water damage, or if you’re looking to maintain past remediation efforts.

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Mold on the walls and ceiling of a home

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