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A complete air protection platform that benefits your business, your customers and your bottom line.

Reduced absenteeism by reducing airborne contaminants, including viruses.
Improved energy efficiency by creating smarter ventilation and air circulation
Source: Lancet Respiratory Medicine
Increased productivity and morale scores.
Source: Science Direct
Improved test scores in academic settings.
Source: New York Times

Predict the impact of weather events and mitigate risk with weather intelligence from

Outdoor events like wildfire smoke drift, harsh allergy seasons and pollution can all affect your indoor air quality. AI weather intelligence helps you anticipate changing conditions, while our system of sensors and destructive air protection technology works to mitigate risk and maintain operational resiliency.

Illustration of an office with multiple rooms with a callout showing the indoor air quality at 40 (good) and a callout showing outdoor air quality at 200 (bad)

Manage your entire organization in one place.

Manage one room, one building, or an entire campus. The Molekule 360 Hub web platform gives you a complete view—and control—over your indoor environments.

Molekule 360 Dashboard showing a graph of air quality levels throughout the day in a classroom.
Molekule 360 Hub dashboard showing Air Quality, AQI, Performance Rating, and the current weather.

An operating system for your air quality.

Insights, data, action items and more. Molekule 360 Hub gives you actionable data down individual rooms, so you can make decisions to improve your building’s health and energy efficiency.

Destroy the invisible threats to your air quality.

Molekule air purification devices work to eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and VOCs, including 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 within 60 minutes.

Molekule Air Pro air purifier with Molekule Air Mini+ air purifier.

You’re in good company.

Building exterior with lush green trees
Building exterior with lush green trees

Molekule 360 helps monitor and maintain recommendations and requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission by exposure to infectious aerosols as recommended by the CDC, EPA, and ASHRAE.

Your healthier facilities could earn compliance for other standards such as those for WELL and UL in addition to green initiatives like LEED.

Molekule 360 FAQs.

Common questions about the platform, dashboard, devices, and more.

Molekule 360 Hub, including Molekule purifiers and the management platform, is a smart, connected air purification solution that continuously monitors indoor air quality and provides safe air using advanced purification technologies, including patented PECO technology, HEPA filtration, and active UV air cleaning. The Molekule 360 Hub provides the ability to manage a fleet of purifiers, automate their response to air quality issues, and share air quality insights with your customers and employees.

Molekule 360 Hub integrates via a REST API.

Data is protected via industry standard privacy practices, including encryption. To learn more about our privacy policy click here.

Learn more about our privacy policy: Data retention / privacy policy

A minimum of one device is required.

There is no set limit on the number of devices that can be associated with a Molekule 360 Hub account.

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